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Anup Sridhar and his team of proficient coaches have put a process in place to impart round-the-year badminton training for Intermediate and Advanced players. The Coaching process hs evolved over the years through his vast experience of being a top level International player and being national coach of the Indian team.

Some of the salient features are:

  • Evaluation of Current proficiency and Fitness level will be done on joining
  • Personalized attention and individual assessment feedback will be done
  • Range of game techniques, correct footwork, specific stroke play etc will be done to make a player Tournament ready
  • Dormitory Accommodation and Nutritionist monitored Food option available within the campus
  • Coaching on the court, Physical fitness, Swimming Pool & gymnasium charges included in course fees

Badminton training classes conducted covers all aspects of the game, including badminton tips, rules, techniques and tactics for all levels and for players of all ages. Besides Chief coach Anup Sridhar, there are a team of coaches in various venues who are very experienced in both the game and coaching.