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Badminton Coaching for Beginners will cover basic fundamentals of badminton including techniques and footwork. Budding Players are introduced to the fundamental movement and lifelong skills of badminton through a time tested process. The program combines a range of physical activities with learning the technical and tactical elements of the game. This includes the development of hand-eye coordination, catching and throwing, stability and balance, speed and agility as well as jumping and landing skill. Our Badminton training classes are suitable for junior players of various ages and ability (mentally & physically).

Some of the salient features are:

  • Evaluation of current playing and fitness levels on joining.
  • Introduction to Badminton, with strong ficus on basics such as racquet grip and foot work.
  • Focus on warm up, basic physical fitness and cool down routines.
  • Explanation of rules of Badminton such as scoring system, boundary lines etc.
  • Fun exciting games involving badminton movements to keep kids engaged and interested.