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It is good to establish correct technique at the beginning. A coach will take you through the basics so that you could quit the 'beginners' camp as quickly as possible. Usually those who learn good habits from the very start have better potential to reach higher level. Intermediate and advanced players are given the same exercises that professionals do at their daily routine practice, including multi-shuttle exercises, consistency and strength training. All exercises are tailored to the needs of a player. During the session 70-80% of your maximum heart rate is kept as a guideline for cardio-vascular conditioning for better stamina and endurance. Who will be coaching me? During One to One coaching session you work privately with a qualified badminton coach. One to One coaching is regarded as one of the most effective ways to learn technique, footwork and tactics of badminton in a time-constrained environment.

  • Assessment of current playing and fitness levels.
  • Stronger focus on physical fitness with longer training sessions.
  • Focus on skill development with specific focus on teaching of Badminton strokes.
  • Match practice is introduced with 1 match session per week.
  • Basic introduction to effective game strategy and tactics.